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tyesha barlow (atl)

one of my audio recording talking about how much i enjoy dancing


Today I was on duolingo and I leveled

Today I was on duolingo and I leveled up!!! so that was pretty cool but I’m still working on learning animals this lesson is so long and its a lot to remember, but yeah today I was on duolingo and should be uploading my recordings later on today.

tyesha barlow (atl)

well today i¬† was on duolingo, which is the website i’ll probably be on untill the end of the school because i actually do learn on this website, today i learned about food and the different things they eat but along with animals, and conjugation¬†

tyesha barlow (atl)

well today i was on 123teachme and i played some games that occasionally would test me on indefinite articles, then pronouns, which could really use some work becuase i did not get alot right, so tuesday i think i’ll be back on duolingo because it helps me learn spanish better than 123teachme